Personal Ambassadors

Personal Ambassadors Assisting in life’s special moments. We are valuable extensions of your time spent. 

Personal Ambassadors support your itinerary & calendar needs, virtually. Visualize your very own “Genie in a bottle” were we help remind you of all of those important dates & celebrations that matter most to you & that should NEVER be missed. We shop & deliver gifts on your behalf directly to those you hold dear to your heart.

Remember… thoughtful experiences do remind those we care about that they truly do matter to us.

A Personal Ambassador is an personal envoy; a representative of personal service appointed for special assignments, activities & endeavors for special occasions on the behalf of clients. Ambassadors have clout, influence & hold close ties & connections with-in the local marketplace; consider us appointed staff.   As hostesses we help bare the encumbrances associated with “remembering all  that there is to remember” in one full calendar year. We facilitate on your behalf as personal representatives assisting you in life’s important annual calendared events, life’s celebrations & special occasions.

We are personal reminders; prompting you to remember all of the important occasions in your life.  Reminding you of “all things important” pertaining to remembrance of loved ones, dear friends & business associates birthdays, anniversaries & other important mile stone moments.

Maybe YOU need to be #1 for a change we can schedule you in for some much needed R & R.

Tell us a little bit about each one of your loved ones, associates & yourself in return we extend ourselves  out to seek what you desire us to find & fulfill. We are able to research, purchase, gift wrap & send out the gifts on your behalf just as a Personal Assistant would do.  We have decades of experience in hospitality we are knowable & resourceful & aim to please.

You give us the important dates to schedule into your personal calendar.  We contact you as a reminder, we interact with you & we help make suggestions.  Together we confirm your interest & intended gift/s.  We shop, purchase & place order/s making sure gifts arrive on time every time. It’s that simple! You’ll Never Forget that special someone in your life again. You Forget Me Not are “Remembering Reminders” making life’s moments memorable on your behalf.

  • Wife/Husband
  • Kids
  • Parents
  • Brothers/Sisters
  • Nieces & Nephews
  • Aunts/Uncles
  • Grandparents & all Greats
  • Neighbor appreciation
  • Corporate gifts
  • Friends near & far
  • Loved ones near & dear
  • Self-care spa treatments
  • Personal virtual shopping experiences***

LIVE virtual shopping experiences are available directly from the stores straight through to you via your smart device.

Annual Membership Rates Apply (memberships are paid in advanced & billed annually)

Bundle A     1-4      Tailored Ambassador Arrangements   $150

Bundle B     5-9      Tailored Ambassador Arrangements   $275

Bundle C    10-12   Tailored Ambassador Arrangements  $350

A 20%  fee for each booking is added (based upon total spend of arrangement). Membership costs & fees are applied towards time spent researching your interests, special requirements & requests.  All services can be combined for utilizing throughout one full calendar year.

  • All receipts are saved for direct reflection of your monies spent
  • 20% will be added to you total budgeted bill of service, product and bookings
  • You can send a pre-paid credit card for us to use or make an on-line payment directly to PayPal
  • Additional Gift wrapping & shipping fees may apply