We are here to assist in fulfillment of social scheduling, the specific details, the unique elements and aspects that you desire and require for your get-together, party or travel needs.  We want to assist you in handling the particulars and managing the specific details that are exclusive to you; we want to accommodate your basic necessities and your craved essentials.

Personal Ambassadors and Virtual Concierges are business butlers and social hostess; they are like having your very own personal taskforce here to help assist and fulfill your agenda needs that you require or desire for your gathering or travel plans.  We are able to multi-task handling the details, duties, errands and responsibilities for your elite event, exclusive gathering and special moment so you don’t have to.

 We can even get creative right in your own back yard; a special space at your own place adding a dash of flare, twist of style, a whimsical touch or a tailored special theme.  Setting the right ambiance can really set the tone for just about anything. We specialize in transforming a portion of your home into a creative space for life’s important moments.

Treasure your time and treat yourself….. remember it’s Life so C E L E B R A T E!